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Serving you every step of the way.

Around Western Kentucky, many families can trace their roots back over a century or more. Well, that's how long we've been serving the community with caring service, personal attention, and a heritage that has continued for seven generations.

We started as a small general store in the town of Lowes, Kentucky. The family business was an important part of the daily lives of the families around Western Kentucky. In the late 1800's, caskets were made and sold at the general store.

During the early 1900's, the Lowe family began funeral services. In 1926, Roy M. Lowe attended mortuary school and built a state-of-the-art funeral home in 1940. The family horse-drawn hearse soon gave way to newer funeral coaches.

Andrea Milner Orr's parents, Judith and Billy Joe, soon expanded the family's trade by opening in other small Kentucky communities. Today, Andrea and Randy Orr offer the caring family service in five locations: Paducah, Lone Oak, Bardwell, Wickliffe, and Arlington.

For over 150 years, Western Kentucky families have trusted Milner and Orr because we're hometown folks. We know the area, we know you, and we believe in families helping families.

Judith Milner
Dessie and Roy Lowe, Billy J. Milner Judith Milner The Milner & Orr Family
Andrea & Randy Orr, Mary Beth Orr, Brian Wainer, Logan, Jenna, Brandon & Harper
Below is a list of newspaper articles that feature the history and dedication of Milner and Orr Funeral Home in serving our communities.